Tuesday, 14 October 2014

First Video Up!

This is my first video. It is the Yukikaze's anchor. Enjoy!

Choose 1080p and you should be able to see a bit more clearly. This is probably the first video of this anchor. There has been so many pictures but not many videos! I will take another one in 20 years time. 2034! I wonder if we will be able to smell and feel the air and wind? Right now though, the best on youtube is 4K. Mine is still 1080p. There is also an 8K and others. 4K video? Does that exist? Well Sony has this video camera http://www.sony.jp/handycam/products/FDR-AX100/
and camera http://www.sony.jp/ichigan/products/ILCE-7S/

And Youtube Videos


Nowadays you should be able to make it to 1440p. 4K is a bit too hard for most computers.
Anyway, I will, I promise you, go back to this place and take a 4K version of this in under 20 years time. I will upload it onto Youtube.

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