The Team

Our Logo {A Sunset}

  1. Publisher: Blogger  (We have Blogger Pride)
  2. Editor: The Editor The Yukikaze Times
  3. Managing Editors: Leo Graf
  4. Designers: Cornelius Dashawn and Jordy Trent 
  5. Reporters: Everyone here and all Guest Posters
  6. Chief Copy Editors: Sean Desmond
  7. Copy Editors: Skyler Melvin and Sheldon Atticus
  8. Photo Editors: Drake Mitt and Donovan Blake
  9. Photographers: Terry Edric, Donovan Blake and The Editor
  10. Graphics Editors: Jordy Trent and Emilio Jonas
  11. Graphic Artists: Jamiya Clover,Emilio Jonas and James Lee
This is the power relation made clear between the Publisher and the others.

The Editor The Yukikaze Times is also known as Space Hero Noah (Leader of the Disbanded Purple Jacket Squad) or Kazaguruma no Noah. He founded Vista Project Team, Panorama Project Team and The Yukikaze Times Team/Yukikaze Shinbunsha. 

Vista Project Team created 3 websites which are now all discontinued. Vista Project 2000 and Vista Japonais (Japan) and a spinoff website Vista SHU 2013

Vista Japonais is now Japanese War History which has 2 blogs called The Yukikaze Times and Tang Yang Weekly (Online Free Magazine) {Formerly called The Vampire Weekly}. Our spinoff website Vista SHU 2013 is now Vista SHU, which will be run as of December 2014 by The Yukikaze Times Team. 

Panorama Project Team has produced no active websites. 
Many of the websites that we produced were abandoned in beta stage. 
Our Editor as Kazaguruma no Noah also created a now discontinued website called Kazaguruma no Noah. (There will be a new version aiming to promote The Way of The Pinwheel so Pinwheel fans, keep your hopes up!) {Will be launched April 2015}

We are currently testing a new website on Goldfish called Japanese Goldfish Extra. Leo Graf made a website jointly with our team called プラグアダプターの全て (All About Plug Adaptors)

We all hope you have an enjoyable time being our newspaper's reader!


  1. It's looking good now.

  2. All About Plug Adaptors is going on pretty good everyone. Thanks for all your help in the making.